These Gigabyte Aorus X570 Motherboard BIOS settings should be the same or very, very similar on all Gigabyte Aorus X570 F10 BIOS'. These settings are recommended from AMD via Robert Hallock and 1usmus, an overclocker who wrote the Ryzen DRAM Calculator. We are not covering all overclocking, but we are covering the main settings AMD recommends that will let the Ryzen 3000 CPU's overclock the best on their own. They are all in one menu in the F10 BIOS release for all Gigabyte X570 mobo's.

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*** For Overclocking settings, use only the Tweaker and AMD CBS Overclocking menus. *** It is not recommended to use the 'AMD Overclocking' menu right below the other menu. AMD says just use their Power Plans in Windows or you may use 1usmus' Power Plan. All these setting are now in the Advanced CPU Settings Menu - CHANGE THESE:

AMD Cool and Quiet - Enabled
Global C-state Control = Enabled
Power Supply Idle Control = Low Current Idle
PPC Adjustment = PState 0
CPPC = Enabled
CPPC Preferred Cores = Enabled

Use the DRAM XMP Profile from your vendor. In this case, I've already trained my memory to use the XMP 3200Mhz CL14 and the Profile is set. I also recommend manually setting dram voltage and disabling dram power down mode when you begin overclocking your memory. Here is a great guide for further overclocking the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Motherboard.

Robert Hallock on PC World discussing 3950X launch and new 3rd Gen Threadrippers. He states to use the above optimal settings starting at 1:24:32

1usmus Power Plan for AMD Ryzen - New Developments

Gigabyte Beta BIOS' from The above settings are only found in the BIOS from the main website.

My other quick BIOS changes. I'll do all the memory overclocking later.
DRAM Gear Down Mode Disabled.
DRAM Power Down Mode Disabled.
Set NumLock Off
Set Fastboot UltraFast
Disable USB on Start unless booting from USB or using Q-Flash. Speeds up boot by not reading all your external drives.

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