This is one of the best Intel Rocket Lake (11th gen) Overclocking guides and explanation out there. Watch if you want to learn all the new features in the shortest summary possible. All Video and Information is from website.

0:44​ Rocket Lake Introduction
4:01​ Per Core Ratio Limit
6:10​ AVX512 Negative Ratio Offset
7:11​ AVX Per Core Negative Ratio Offset
8:34​ Disable AVX/AVX2/AVX512
9:40​ AVX Voltage Guardband Override
10:29​ Memory Gear2 Mode
14:33​ DRAM ODD Ratio Mode Removed
15:40​ Aggressive Ring Down-Bin
18:20​ PVD Ratio Threshold
19:24​ VCCIO & VCCIO Mem OC Voltage
20:28​ PCH FIVR VCCIN 1.8V
21:38​ Delidding 11900K CPU
22:15​ Realtime Memory OC
23:31​ OC Thermal Velocity Boost
25:47​ ASUS VLatch
30:18​ ASUS Integrated MemTest86
31:47​ ASUS MCE Enabled & Package Temperature Threshold
37:38​ Extended Voltage Cap