This is a FYI only update on my status. I just got out of the hospital in Humble, TX, in for most of the week and was ill the three weeks before that. I entered with Respiratory Distress, heartbeat at 160 (BPM) beats per minute (AFIB), and blood pressure sky high on admittance. I was diagnosed and left hospital with Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB) and Congestive Heart Failure. My blood pressure is getting back to normal as well as the beats per minute, taking all the prescriptions prescribed. Where I live, Harris County, has the highest positivity rate for COVID-19 in Texas.

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After recovery started, I did test negative for the COVID-19 virus and a second test will ensue to prove and follow CDC guidelines and ensure there is no relapse. This message is just informational as I’m attempting to fulfill my obligations. I learned a few things about this virus thing and am going to make a short video about treatment. For those Older or AT RISK, GET VERY EARLY TREATMENT! Here is a short outline:

It is not a particuraly  bothersome virus by feeling nor does it make you feel that sick, which is false security and extremely dangerous, BUT IT IS 3X more infectious and possibly 3X more Mucus produced? Primary signs, 1. Slight mucus and cough. 2. Lack of Sleep/Can’t sleep flat. Live Virus Mucus and/or dead liquid are not being evacuated from lungs quickly enough. I AM NOT A DOCTOR! CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, but my advice is if you recognize yourself as being ANY sort of symptomatic of a cold/virus, begin the following treatments immedately and DON’T WAIT TO GET THE DIURETICS and WATER TO FLUSH THE DEAD VIRUS/MUCUS FROM YOUR BODY (This causes the Shortness of Breath with your lungs filling up with live/dead virus or dead liquid and in High-Risk Patients just exagerates or complicates by far, existing conditions). AGAIN, do not wait to see the doctor and get on Diuretic Therapy to evacuate the liquids from your lungs!


 Over the Counter Drugs

Mucinex D

High Strength

2 TWICE Daily

Helps Kill and Breaks down Virus Mucus into fluid/water.


High Strength

2-6 Times Daily

Helps Stop FEVER from cold/virus primarily in neck area after infection during and/or goes past symptomatic stage.


PRESCRIPTIONS – As Important As the Mucinex D which does NOT quickly

enough remove the dead virus/mucus/fluid from your lungs:



1 Time Daily

Lasix - Diuretic .This helps flush out the dead virus mucus that has been broken down by the Mucinex D Lowers blood pressure. Removes extra water from your body.



1 Time Daily


Prinivil, Zestril -  Relaxes blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. May ONLY belong with Heart medications below.



1 Time Daily


Aldactone - This helps flush out the dead virus mucus that has been broken down by the Mucinex D. Diuretic. It can treat high blood pressure. It can also treat fluid retention (edema) and high levels of the hormone aldosterone.



As much as you can drink.



This helps flush out the dead virus mucus that has been broken down by the Mucinex D


HEART MEDICATIONS: Dead Virus Leaves the following DAMAGE to take to deal with left by virus to the Heart if virus is left unattentend too long.



1 TWICE Daily



1 TWICE Daily



1 TWICE Daily

 What are COVID-19 Symptoms?