Bykski Nvidia RTX 3080/3090 GPU Water Block Reference Card (PG132) N-RTX-3090-X, N-RTX-3090FE-X, EKWB and AlphaCool (NOTE ALL BUYING LINKS SAY FOUNDERS EDITION BUT ARE REFERENCE):


Watch the Video Carefully - NVIDIA Reference Design (PG132) Bykski N-RTX3090-X:4 Different Styles/ Models - RGB, aRGB, Clear and Black POM. Optional Backplate and optional Color LCD Temperature Gauge. 9 locations to be pasted or covered in Thermal pads. 2 different types of paste mentioned - Memory Stick and MOS Tube Paste. Thermal paste/pads covered in video instructions. Choice of 12V 4Pin RGB or 5V 3Pin aRGB Lighting.

Material: copper (nickel -plated ), acrylic
Connections: G1/4
Manufacturer: Bykski
Part number: N-RTX3090-X
LED: Yes

WARNING: This block ONLY works with Reference Editions from Nvidia and NOT FE cards even though links in AliExpress descriptions say Founders Edition. They will NOT work with FE or AIB cards from 2nd/3rd party vendors like Asus, MSI or Gigabyte. Below is model for Founders Edition. You have to look for the notched acrylic version (N-RTX-3090FE-X) for the real FE Founder's Edition GPU Waterblock. It's covered in video.
NVIDIA Founders Edition (PG133) Bykski N-RTX3090FE-X:

EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi
Backplates $45-$55

My RX 5700 XT WaterBlock Video, 35C Temp Drop! Bykski, XS PC, Watercooled Aorus X570 Master, AMD 3950X:

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