Bykski AMD RX 5700XT WaterBlock, Anniversery Edition & LCD PRE-Installation Video
Also, featuring the Bykski Watercooling Inline Temperature LCD. As soon as the AMD 3950X comes out, I'll try to make another video of the installation and water cooled temperatures.

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Nobody paid me anything for this video. I paid USD$ for all of this on my own. Yeah - I know I should've zoomed out a bit more.

AMD 5700 XT Reference Design PCB (and HOT areas) explained here - Buildzoid from Actually Hardcore Overclocking (on Gamers Nexus):

Bykski Model: A-RX5700XT-X GPU Water Block use for RX 5700 / 5700XT AMD GPU Reference Cards. Full Cover Copper Radiator Block. Material:Electroplated High Purity Copper / Clear Acrylic. Comes in these Flavors: No light, 12V 4PIN RGB, and 5V 3PIN A-RGB

Bykski Model: B-TME-SC-V2 OLED Digital Display Water Temperature Meter Water Cooler - Double G1/4'' Thermometer Temperature Sensor Fitting.